Recent Home Additions and Remodels


Autodraft home design and drafting Services provides home addition and remodel plans. Whether you’re a homeowner or professional builder we can help you with your addition and remodel plan by designing your new construction so that it will complement the existing home.

remodel and addition plans

We have many years of design experience that we can apply to your addition or remodel. We have drawn many different plans that include new bedrooms, garages, living and kitchen areas as well. we can draw plans that convert existing covered areas into new livable space. We can’t come up with a new design that will minimize demo so that more of your budget can be put into new living space which will offer you a better return on investment.


Another special skill that we have that Autodraft, is the ability to design a new roof system so that it ties into an existing roof system in a very aesthetically pleasing way while also being a cost-effective construction solution.

remodels and addition plans

As a custom home design service, we also take care to make sure that any new addition or remodel complements the existing home style so that it all Blends together architecturally.


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